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PAYZ has taken active steps to address the area of capacity building and has embraced its responsibility as key role player to build a strong foundation of payment system knowledge and enterprise. We will be hosting a number of training interventions as well as seminars and events on various industry topics.

Come back soon for information about future events.

Up Coming Events

Zambia e-Commerce Expo and Conference

16th October 2021


Promoting PAYZ and its members through public engagement.

 TIME: All Day

Financial Inclusion Week

1 – 4 November 2021


Exchanging of ideas, developments, perspectives and convening DFS stakeholders in Zambia. It’s an opportunity for PAYZ and its members as well as stakeholders to showcase their work, share ideas on what’s ahead, and more.

 TIME: All Day

Industry Specific Webinar



Build a unified and stronger voice on industry matters among players and other stakeholders

 TIME: 12:00 – 13:30hrs

Workshop on Central Bank Digital Currency Feasibility



Capturing the benefits of CBDC for purposes of making usage and integration in day-to-day business convenient and safe.


PAYZ-ADFP Annual Conference



Discuss Zambia’s readiness in transitioning to a cashless economy by analyzing its current policy and regulatory framework.


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